How Media Motion Online Uses This Support Desk Application

How Media Motion Online Uses This Support Desk Application

This Support Desk application that we use is built on Zoho Desk. That should come as no surprise. We use the products that we sell, install, and support.

We provide 2 levels of articles.

The first level of article is this level. Anyone can view the first level articles. We want to share knowledge.

The second level of article is only available to a Registered User. An article in this level will have much more detail and probably will even have some fairly detailed instructions on how to setup and/or use the information that we are providing. While we are happy to share that knowledge, we want to know who we are sharing it with. So you have to Register to gain access to the second level.

So if you want access to the second level, go to the top right corner of this Knowledge Base and Create an Account - become a Registered User.


Everything we do - Web Pages, Articles, Community Posts, etc. - is created and maintained using Zoho Docs. Zoho Docs allows everyone at Media Motion access to a central area where all of our information is kept. Everyone can use the information. Nothing gets hidden on an individual computer. Everyone can collaborate on the evolution of every document.

In an ideal world, we would be able to simply embed the Zoho Doc in an article. If we could embed the Doc, then as the Doc continues to be updated - as it evolves - the latest version of the information would always be in the article.

Unfortunately, Zoho Desk does not allow that embedding. Desk allows embedding. But at this time, it forces the embedding to use a frame and scroll bars. And that just doesn't work. That means that we have to copy and paste the information from the Doc in to the article. But as the Doc is continually updated, it is difficult to continually copy and paste all of these articles to try to keep them current. 

So what we do is we update the articles as often as we can. 

And then at the bottom of most articles, we try to include a direct link to the actual Doc. That Doc will have the latest updates and information.
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