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            Add A Form To Your Website

            Add A Form To Your Website

            You have at least 1 contact form on your website. For a variety of reasons, you may have more than one form.

            But adding a form to your website is just the first step of the process. There needs to be automations added for every form. For example, when a new customer fills out the form, it should automatically fill our your CRM and then your CRM should auto respond with a Thank You email.

            Create a form -

            At Media Motion Online, we use Zoho Forms for all of our forms. Zoho Forms is an easy tool used to create and share online forms. It also allows us to set up automated email responses and send PDF copies of the forms. There is a free version - as in “free forever”. Start with the free version.

            There are a variety of ways that a form can be used on your website. Here are a few suggestions:

            Business Forms

            Bug Tracker

            Client Details


            Contact Us

            Email Subscription

            Software Evaluation

            Construction Forms

            Client Review

            Location Updates

            On-Site Inquiries

            Status updates

            Medical Forms

            Patient Admission

            Patient Details

            Patient Progress Tracking

            Staff Task Tracking

            HR Forms

            Employee Emergency Information

            Employee Evaluation

            Employee Satisfaction

            Job Application

            Resignation Form

            E-Commerce Forms

            Delivery Feedback

            Online Order Confirmation

            Order/Deliver Tracking

            Education Forms

            Course Application

            Course Evaluation

            Library Membership Registration

            Reunion Form

            Request Forms

            Leave Application

            Product Review

            Software Request


            Non-Profits Forms

            Donation Form

            Event Evaluation

            Event Registration


            Volunteer Form

            Personal Forms

            Party Invitation

            Rental Application

            Reunion Form for Individual


            Wedding invitation

            Add the fields that you need to the form. Drag and drop those fields in to the order that you want.

            NOTE: Don't forget to add Hidden Fields and Fields Descriptions if you need them.

            Add Payment Options.

            Set your theme.

            Add Rules -

            Rules are conditions that you can set up for your form as a whole and/or for separate fields. Rules are a set of simple 'if' and 'then' conditions where you specify display conditions if and when a condition is fulfilled.

            Field rules let you determine what questions are visible to the respondents and the order in which they respond to your form.

            Form rules allow you to configure what happens after a respondent submits your form.

            Rules can be used for a variety of automations. You can have multiple rules for any given form.

            Some examples of form rules are:

            • Field rules might be used to show or hide other fields.

            • After the form is submitted, display a customer message like a confirmation.

            • After the form is submitted, redirect to a custom URL.

            • After the form is submitted, send an SMS notification

            • After the form is submitted, assign a task to some in your company

            • After a form is submitted, send an email

            Set the Settings -

            Form Settings is where you specify and change the administrative settings for individual forms - do you ant the form header to be visible, will you use a CAPTCHA, what is the time zone for the form, etc..

            Set Your Integrations -

            With the Zoho Forms and Zoho CRM integration, you can automatically push your form data into the following Zoho CRM modules as soon as someone fills out your form.

            You also can integrate your forms with other products such as Google Docs, Salesforce, etc.

            Set Your Approvals -

            With approvals, you can efficiently manage your entries. You can get your co-workers to analyze the submissions received to approve/deny entries.

            Assign Your Tasks -

            When you assign records, users will be able to take up those records as tasks and proceed work on them. This will help them follow up on visitors.

            Analyze Your Results -

            When you assign records, users will be able to take up those records as tasks and proceed work on them. This will help them follow up on visitors.

            Your forms should also be tied to your KPIs. You should be able to get an overall view of the usage of your forms through your Dashboards.

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